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What changes are you making this year?

I am starting with a 1 week plan. I will be realistic in my goals. If I can’t stick to a week then I will try for 3 days. Little steps will get me to where I want to be.

1. No sugar (except for whatever fructose is in a banana)
2. No alcohol
3. No wheat
4. No gluten

1. Exercise daily – nothing too intense to begin with

Today was day 2 of this personal challenge & I have succeeded. Tomorrow I will make it!

So…I conquered week 1 of my plan to not eat sugar, wheat, gluten & not to drink any alcohol. I WON!

Week 2. I will continue to not touch the above no nos and add…

1. No lactose
2. No caffeine
3. No flavour enhances (MSG)

With regards to exercise I didn’t manage to train every day. I was able to every 2nd day. So I will re-access this & change it to another week of training every 2 days.

I’ve been asked what I have been eating. Here some things…

1. Gluten free porridge with Stevia or honey
2. Bacon, eggs & gluten free toast
3. Nuts
4. Banana, mango & whatever I have put in my juices (I’ve been posting what ingredients I’ve been using)
5. Gluten free muesli
6. Gluten free bread with tomato, cheese & ham…toasted
7. Gluten free sandwiches (lettuce, tomato, cheese, meat etc)
8. Roast dinners
9. Broccoli & cauliflower soup with gluten free toast. Handmade from scratch. Yum!
10. The best was last night’s dinner. We had maple mustard glazed chicken which was a really yummy sauce, Asian greens in an oyster sauce & eggplant, squash & zucchini stir fry.

Yes I am very lucky that my fiancé Mick (aka Chef Mickal lol) loves to cook & can do so very well. Our poor dogs really wanted some too lol

Sooo yummy

Sooo yummy

The sauce was delicious

The sauce was delicious

Fit As Fitness Training vegetable ideas


WEEK 2 DOWN of my plan to not eat sugar, wheat, gluten, flavour enhances, lactose & not to drink any alcohol & caffeine.

For week 3 i will implement the following…

1. Reduce the amount of fruit i’m eating
2. Reduce my portion sizes
3. Drink more filtered water

With regards to exercise I exercised 5 out of 7 days. Kickboxing has started again so i’m doing weights, kickboxing & keeping up my rehab.

I’m starting to feel really good on the inside. This is motivating me to keep going. I’m sure i will start seeing the results very soon