Fit As Fight Club


She won!!

Presslea won!!

fight show preacher



Alice & Presslea’s first fight is on August 2nd. These girls are also the first fighters to represent FAFC.

GO GO GO!!!!

A couple of fun video clips of a few of sparring sessions.

Sparring for fun & fitness or to fight!



Do you accept the challenge to fight and represent Fit As Fight Club?


Interested in challenging yourself? Why not step in the ring for a Muay Thai, Kickboxing or Boxing amateur fight?

Both guys and girls are welcome, even if you have never punched or kicked before. At FAFC you will be taught all the skills needed to have a go.

You’ll never know what you are capable until you try…

Sparring classes are held on Saturday, in the morning. Please contact FAFC if you are interested in coming along.


Fighter girls

Fighter girls

Guys & girls welcome

Guys & girls welcome

What you need:

Gloves – 16oz
Mouth guard
Shin pads (if kickboxing)
Wraps and anklets are optional but recommended.


Class $15 for a casual visit

$10 if you PT with Crystal

Insurance – $30 per year