Personal Training

Personal Training at FAFT is unique as Crystal Gibson, owner and muay thai fighter, offers such a diverse range of training methods to suit everyone. You are made to feel like it is all about YOU, because it is!

Crystal listens to what your goals are and will create an achievable and realistic program to get you there, while having fun, building your confidence, motivating you and most importantly making you feel very comfortable.

Session Length

1 session a week

2 sessions a week

3 sessions a week


30 Minutes

 $   45.00

 $   40.00

 $   30.00

45 Minutes

 $   65.00

 $   60.00

 $   50.00

60 Minutes

 $   80.00

 $   75.00

 $   60.00

Private group sessions are available & price depends on how many people attend the session.

Please contact Crystal for further details.

Think you won’t make a difference with one PT session?

Well you won’t make a difference doing nothing…take the risk, challenge yourself!

Click HERE to read testimonials from people who decided to challenge themselves and to reach their goals.

Alice before she began her training

Alice before she began her training



2 days before giving birth

Jesse, 2 days before giving birth, looking very healthy.

3 months after!

Just over 2 months after giving birth. Amazing!


Looking slimmer within 1 month of training.

Looking slimmer within 1 month of training.

Corporate packages are also available. Please contact Crystal for further details.

As the director of a small company with approx 20 staff, it isn’t always easy to keep a close knit team when everyone works different jobs, hours, and locations. It is often challenging to come up with ideas for enjoyable group activities that also foster team development. Much of what we had done in the past was adhoc and inconsistent. So it was while doing an individual PT session with Crystal that I realised she offered group training sessions, and I thought that could be the activity that could achieve what we were seeking. I arranged two sessions a week for any of our staff who were interested. I wasn’t sure if anyone would be too keen on the idea, so I was a little surprised when almost half of our staff put their hands up. I am even more impressed that they continued to come every week despite the 6:30am start.

Crystal mixes the sessions up. Some days we train in the park, other days we do boxing, weights or cardio. Crystal has successfully catered to the variety of fitness levels in the group. She has been incredibly supportive and that has helped us to bond together as a team. The sessions also bring out the best in our staff. We get out of bed early to carpool to the sessions so that no one misses out, we encourage each other, and we all have fun. These qualities shine through in our interactions at work and we have all become great friends from spending time together outside of work. I am sure this has led to improved productivity at work too . And of course, we are all getting fitter each week.

As I arrived for my individual session the other morning, I passed work colleagues finishing their individual sessions. It dawned on me that most of our staff have also organised individual PT sessions with Crystal in addition to our group sessions. It is a real testament to Crystal that almost all of the group have gone on to train with her individually as well! Crystal is definitely doing something right!



Personal Training at FAFT