One of the best things I have done is walk into the gym where Crystal was working and decided to take that next step in my fitness routine and be personally trained by Crystal.

I had been to a few gyms around Brisbane to learn Muay Thai and kickboxing but everyone who I trained with didn’t really seem to care all that much about me personally and my needs and goals. I wanted to improve my overall technique and really start to take this training seriously. After just my first session with Crystal I was amazed at how much she helped me to improve in my overall technique and was so impressed with her caring and helpful ways of training me.

I had only ever been trained by guys and I was skeptical as to whether she could push me as hard as a male trainer or as hard as I wanted and needed. Let me tell you don’t let her appearance fool you! She’s so sweet and nice but that girl can pack a punch! She  has pushed me harder and pushed my body to its limits harder than any male trainer I’ve ever had. I found myself improving more and more after each session and learning so many new things every time. I finally felt like I was being taken serious and that she genuinely cared about my needs and goals and wanted to help me to improve my overall fitness.

Alice before she began her training

If I walk into training and have had a bad day Crystal knows and she knows exactly what training we need to do when I’m not feeling my best. The training varies from Muay Thai/kickboxing to just weights sessions and boot camp sessions that really kick my butt. She knows me and my needs and changes her training to suit me. She knows when to push me harder and when to just step back and let me decide what I want to do.

Crystal listens to me and will do everything in her power to get me to where I want to be. She gives her all in every training session and believes in me which makes me want to train harder for her. She really does put the “personal” in personal trainer. Crystal has become more than just a trainer but also a good friend and there is never a day when I dread going into training. I get excited about going in for every session. There is nothing better than walking into the gym, seeing her smiling face and hearing her wonderful words of advice and encouragement when she is training me.

She’s an amazing trainer and an amazing person. I am so lucky to have found her and am so grateful for all the time and effort she puts in to making me the best that I can be.

Alice Little, 24 – ARMY


As the director of a small company with approx 20 staff,  it isn’t always easy to keep a close knit team when everyone works different jobs, hours, and locations. It is often challenging to come up with ideas for enjoyable group activities that also foster team development. Much of what we had done in the past was adhoc and inconsistent. So it was while doing an individual PT session with Crystal  that I realised she offered group training sessions, and I thought that could be the activity that could achieve what we were seeking.  I arranged two sessions a week for any of our staff who were interested. I wasn’t sure if anyone would be too keen on the idea, so I  was a little surprised when almost half of our staff put their hands up. I am even more impressed that they continued to come every week despite the 6:30am start.

Crystal mixes the sessions up. Some days we train in the park, other days we do boxing, weights or cardio.  Crystal has successfully catered to the variety of fitness levels in the group. She has been incredibly supportive and that has helped us to bond together as a team. The sessions also bring out the best in our staff. We get out of bed early to carpool to the sessions so that no one misses out, we encourage each other, and we all have fun. These qualities shine through in our interactions at work and we have all become great friends from spending time together outside of work. I am sure this has led to improved  productivity at work too . And of course, we are all getting fitter each week.

As I arrived for my individual session the other morning, I passed work colleagues finishing their individual sessions. It dawned on me that most of our staff have also organised individual  PT sessions with Crystal in addition to our group sessions. It is a real testament to Crystal that almost all of the group have gone on to train with her individually as well! Crystal is definitely doing something right!



I started training with Crystal about 2 years ago and within that time, Crystal has helped me get into shape and train for certain events.

One event being Open Zones Netball. In a short amount of time Crystal boosted my fitness levels in strength, cardio and agility. During the weekend of the Zones Competition I felt great! I did not think that I would have been fit enough to play about 3 full games, each day, over one very full on weekend.

The other event is me falling pregnant AND training the entire time. Yes it was tough (on many levels), but if I can get up at stupid o’clock twice a week and train before work and attend boot camp on Saturday mornings, it must not be that hard and the results were amazing, which means anyone can do it and its worth it.

Below are some pictures of me during my pregnancy, which you will notice that I did not put on much weight at all. I’m currently 37 weeks pregnant and I have only put on about 9.5kgs so far.

20 weeks

With only putting on baby weight, it has made me feel good about not gaining more weight which I would need to lose after bubs is born and also made it easy to continue with everyday tasks, such as picking up something off the floor, putting socks and shoes on… It may sound silly, but with a growing a big belly, these tasks get harder and harder to do.

1 week to go!


Rhiannan & Maddison

Rhiannan Laughton, 27 – New Mum


After giving birth to my second baby I not only had weight to lose but I also wanted to increase my fitness level to have the energy required to keep up with two little boys at home.

I needn’t have felt self-conscious about my body as Crystal immediately made me feel at ease and listened to what I wanted to achieve and the body parts I wanted to concentrate on. She gave me advice and tips on exercise and toning along with my diet too. Crystal is the first trainer who has actually cared about and pushed me to achieve my desired outcome and having that support was so reassuring for me when weight loss is often just as much a mental challenge as it is physical.

Crystal keeps our sessions fresh and varied mixing kickboxing with resistance, bootcamp and weights training but my favourite is always the kickboxing … who wouldn’t want to learn from a professional muay thai fighter!

No barriers!

No barriers!

Although it’s been a year and I’ve reached my desired weight and am back working full-time, I still make the time to PT with Crystal even if it’s just once a week to keep me motivated and have an hour where it’s just all about me – not hubby or kids or work … ME!

Jules, 36 - Full-Time Worker & Mum


Crystal is a personable, diverse and encouraging trainer who seems to genuinely care about her clients. I have been training with Crystal for about six months and during that time she has supported me through some big achievements. Before September, 2012, I had never entered a fitness event, not even a fun run. After September I had successfully completed Bridge to Brisbane 10km, The Valley Stampede 10km obstacle course, and the mother of all obstacles: Tough Mudder 20km military obstacle course in Sydney. The lead up to these events caused me a lot of emotional stress but talking it through with Crystal helped me to stay focused and accomplish what I wanted to.

Crystal has managed to make me excited about coming to training (even with a 5:30am start).  I do both group sessions and one-on-one personal training with Crystal a few times a week. Even in the group sessions Crystal is still able to accommodate everyone’s individual goals and fitness levels. I intend on continuing my training with Crystal for a long time and am sure we will be tackling some big goals in that time.

Angela, 23 – Part-Time Worker, Part-Time Uni Student



I am a Group Fitness Instructor specialising in Les Mills Body Combat to which I have international certification. This is a non contact group fitness class that incorporates numerous martial arts disciplines, i.e. boxing, karate, kick boxing, muay thai, tae kwon do, capoeira, kung fu, tai chi, jiu jitsu, MMA, just to name a few. To teach Body Combat you must know how to execute each martial art to perfection. Crystal & I have spent endless hours going through moves over & over again until perfect & under her guidance we both agree that my technique is just as good as the Master Trainers!

Perfect technique is important, however having the knowledge to put practice into play is far superior. In order to do this Crystal encouraged me to start sparring. My fitness level hit an all time high. Fight training and being “fight-fit” takes you to the ultimate level of fitness. She then lined me up for an amateur fight which I won by TKO (2nd round).

TKO 2nd Round

As a result, every time I teach a Body Combat class my participants are guaranteed authentic martial arts training as a group.

No matter what your training needs are, Crystal will always go above & beyond to help you achieve your best outcome.

Simply, I wouldn’t train with anyone else….Crystal is the best.

Tania Young – Full-Time Worker, Combat Instructor


Results are starting to show after short time of PT

For years I had been procrastinating about getting my learners, losing weight & getting fit. My diabetes was never controlled enough for the doctor to sign me off for a medical certificate, so I could get my learners.

For years I’ve been filled with self doubt.

One day I decided to do something about how I felt about my body & myself. So I contacted Crystal at Fit As Fitness Training.

Since the first day I started PT I immediately developed a more positive view on life and myself. I lost weight, cms & gained confidence & motivation. Not the only positives…I also got my diabetes under control. I received the medical certificate necessary to go for my learners, & today passed my learners test with 100%.

With Crystal’s help, motivation & PT I’ve gained control of my diabetes and am finally happy with myself. So thank you :-)

Suzie (24yrs old) trains 3 times a week, 30 minutes each session with FAFT. Session 1 is weights. Session 2 is kickboxing. Session 3 is boot camp.
Watch this space to see more of her results as they happen.
Congratulations on your results so far!


2 days before giving birth

2 days before giving birth

3 months after!

3 months after!

This woman is an inspiration…she came to me a about 1.5 years ago wanting to get fit, the fun way. She joined in the kick boxing & boot camp classes & after a few months of training, decided to do personal training. During Jesse’s time in getting fit & healthy, she also decided it was time for her & her husband to add to their new family.

In a matter of weeks Jesse was pregnant! Did she use that as an excuse to sit on the couch, indulging in whatever she wanted & blame being pregnant…NO…Jesse trained every week, a couple of times a week & only put on baby weight. She looked beautifully pregnant the entire time.

After she gave birth to a big, healthy baby boy, Kyan, I went to visit her 2 weeks later & couldn’t believe my eyes. Jesse looked almost the same as when I first started to train her…honestly she had the smallest of tummies. There is no way you would have thought she just had a baby. NO WAY!

I cannot believe how beautiful Jesse looks. I am very proud of her. She now looks, healthier, slimmer & almost fitter than before she fell pregnant.

You are an inspiration. Congratulations.


I have trained with Crystal Gibson for 3 years now.

The evolution of Fran

The evolution of Fran

Over the last 3 years Crystal has played a huge part in the journey I have travelled to get where I am today.

I met Crystal in November 2010 and weighed roughly 100kgs.

To tell you the truth, I never actually realized how out of control my body had gotten until one day I was sick of feeling unhappy with the body that shielded my personality.

When Crystal saw me, she knew that she had to be the change in me and I am very thankful for that, as it has driven me to be the athlete that I am today.

In a very short time, I lost 20kgs from Crystal’s dedication to my training.

It wasn’t easy to train but I knew that giving up wasn’t an option and with her knowledge and expertise I grew to love exercise – something I used hate with a passion.

Crystal never gave up on me and I know from experience there has not been one client she has given up on.

I started training 30 minutes 3 times a week and progressively became fitter, stronger and healthier, and I was reaching every small goal we made.

I say ‘we’ because Crystal is on your team.

I do have to admit her ability to made me cut the crap pretty quickly.

I learnt that there was nothing I couldn’t do, even if it was half a push up or sit up, I could do it and I did!

Crystal would take the time to measure me every fortnight and would encourage me to push harder for the next weigh in.

She was there for me through each breakthrough, lifting heavier weights, rounds for time, and helping me run distances I never imagined possible.

As time went by, I kept losing weight and becoming fitter, training nearly 3-4 hours a day along side Crystal.

At a small point during this journey my weight stopped and I wasn’t seeing the results I had hoped for – this seemed to play with my mind and questioned why I should even bother.

After a while and with Crystals help, I had come to terms with the fact my body was happy where I had taken it and it was now important for me to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.

Losing the weight was the EASY part, I found my greatest challenge to be keeping it off and changing bad habits.

I believe you have to be ready to make the change to a healthier lifestyle and when you are ready, Crystal is the person who will see you through.

She saw me through blood, sweat and tears and I feel such energy when she shows how proud she is of my achievement.

Fran working out

Fran working out

I also believe that you need to be true to yourself.

Admit your mistakes and work forward to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Be honest with your self and what you actually eat. Hiding it, doesn’t work.. I tried that.

An equal balance between clean food and intense exercise is the key to a healthy and happy life.

I currently weigh 65kgs and I haven’t stopped wanting to be better.

I am 35kgs less of a person in weight, but I am 100kgs happier with life. . Crystal saved my life.

I was diagnosed with a heart condition last year that could have been critical if I was still that weight.

I am just lucky she came into my life at the right time.

I highly recommend Crystal to be your trainer… her honesty, care and friendship is the driving force behind achieving great things – trust me, I couldn’t have done it without her.

Be the dream, live the dream, don’t sit back and dream about it.

Fran Massimino, 24 – School Teacher

Phone Crystal now on 0424 382 697 and before you know it, you’ll have a testimonial like Fran’s.